Deck: Inventar:
1 Main Bridge, CO's Ready Room, Observation Lounge, Bridge Airlock, Upper Sensor Array
2 Sr. Officer's Mess, XO's Office, Aft Viewing Lounge, Lifeboats (4)
3 Jr. Officer's Mess, Primary Docking Ports (PT,ST,AF), Jr. Officer Quarters (Single Occ.), Lifeboats (4)
4 Jr. Officer's Quarters (Single/Double Occ.), Jr. Officer Lounge, Lifeboats (14), Primary Hull Dorsal Aft Phaser Arrays, Deflector Shield Generator
5 Main Shuttle bay Flight Ops, Shuttle bay Tractor Beam, Aux Fusion Reactors, Primary ODN Junction, Jr. Officer's Quarters (Double Occ.), XO's Quarters, VIP Quarters (1), Senior Officer's Quarters (8), Lifeboats (8), SIF Generators, IDF Generators
6 Primary Computer Core L4 (P/S), Jr. Officer's Quarters (Single/Double Occ)
7 Primary Computer Core L3 (P/S), Main Shuttle bay Floor, Primary Hull Horizontal Turbo shaft, Captain's Day Quarters, VIP Quarters, Sr. Officer Quarters (20), Jr Officer's Quarters (Double Occ), Dorsal Primary Hull Phaser Systems
8 Primary Computer Core L2 (P/S), CO's Quarters, VIP Quarters, Sickbay, Stellar Cartography, Transporter rooms (P/S), Main Holodecks (4), Lifeboats (24)
9 Primary Computer Core L1 (P/S), Arboretum Balcony, Shuttle Maintenance and Hangar, Holodeck Buffers, Crew Quarters (Double/Quad/Barracks), Lifeboats (46), Transporter Rooms, Security Offices, Crew Mess
10 10 Forward, Arboretum, Computer Science Lab, Ship's Library, VIP Quarters, Biology Labs, Crew Quarters (Barracks), Impulse Engineering (P/S), Aft Cargo Bay
11 Cargo Bay, Family Quarters, Physics/Chemistry/Geology Labs, Lifeboats (32), Impulse Engineering (P/S), Reaction Control System Thrusters (4), Saucer Ventral Phaser Arrays, Deflector Shield Generators
12 Aux Nav Deflector, Cargo Bay, Ventral Viewing Lounge, Lifeboats (46)
13 Captain's Yacht Docking Port, Yacht Support, Turret Mounted Torpedo Tube, Lower Sensor Array
14 Captain's Yacht


Deck: Inventar:
8 Upper MRI Toroid
9 Matter Injector, Hydroponics
10 Crew Quarters (Double/Quad Occ.), SIF Generators, IDF Generators
11 Crew Quarters (Barracks), Deflector Shield Generator, Crew's Mess
12 Engineering Cargo Bay, Holodecks
13 Secondary Shuttle bay Flight Ops, Primary Deuterium Tanks
14 Secondary Shuttle bay Balcony, Primary Deuterium Tanks, Navigational Deflector
15 Main Engineering Balcony, Secondary Shuttle bay and Hangar, Computer Core Upper Level, Navigational Deflector, Primary Long Range Sensor Array, VIP Quarters, Sr. Officer's Quarters, Jr. Officer's Quarters
16 Main Engineering, Computer Core Mid Level, Navigational Deflector, Aft Viewing/Departure Lounge
17 Computer Core Lower Level, Navigational Deflector, Cargo Bay, Jr. Officer's Quarters
18 Cetacean Ops Upper, Cargo Bay, Tactical Training Area, Transporter rooms
19 Cetacean Ops, Cargo Bay
20 Forward Torpedo Tubes
21 Antimatter Storage
22 Antimatter Storage, Primary Forward Tractor Beam
23 Antimatter Injector, Aft Torpedo Tubes
24 Antimatter Fill Port, M/AR Ejection Port, Primary Aft Tractor Beam